Skydive Lonestar

Meet the Owner

Joe Johnson became the owner of Skydive Lonestar in May of 2017. Joe’s passion for skydiving started 17 years ago, and over the years he has logged 14,000 jumps in 11 different countries. Out of those jumps, 10,000 were made as a Tandem Instructor. 7 of the 11 countries Joe has jumped in, he has worked and/or operated at. Joe  was a part of Skydive Everest staff in Nepal where he worked as a tandem instructor, jumping  from 24,000 feet with Mount Everest in the background!

Joe has taken part in many other skydiving events around the world! He got a group of 200 volunteers together to fix up an old abandoned runway in Tela Honduras for a skydiving event and was even given the key to the city for bringing life back to the airport.

Joe has some great plans for Skydive Lonestar and the staff couldn’t be more excited about this new ownership and what’s to come!